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Coollbellup School Site

The Coolbellup School Sites are residential infill opportunities on the sites of three former schools in the southern Perth suburb of Coolbellup. The Primary at Coolbellup is the most advanced of the three communities. In 2008, UDLA played an integral part alongside LandCorp in winning the bid for the original land holding for the Primary at Coolbellup. UDLA continue to be engaged by the LandCorp/Lend Lease team to design and administer the public realm areas of these sites.

The project includes innovative community consultation, urban design, landscape theming, tree retention and a poetic public art program centered on the memory of the former school. The amenity and infrastructure aims to integrate and encourage urban revitalisation & connectivity, as well as tie seamlessly with the clients’ marketing.

    • Successful implementation of public amenity to a previous school site
    • A poetic and respectful response to a change of site use though recognition of site history and context
    • A variety of park types within the surrounding suburb, plus playful and restful space use types within the one project
    • 4.6 ha with 1 ha public open space
    • 58 residential lots
    • 2 group housing sites