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Client: Shire of Shark Bay
Location: Denham, WA
Dates: 2016
Collaborators: Earthcare Landscapes, Tangelo Creative, Safehaven Studios and Denham community and stakeholders

In collaboration with UDLA were engaged by the Shire of Shark Bay to design and deliver a plan for the revitalisation of the Denham Foreshore.

Through a collaborative design process, the team welcomed the opportunity to capture and promote Shark Bay’s history and character through the creation of a unique community space.

The re-imagined foreshore is anchored by a waterfront promenade. Central to this promenade is a town centre space, a vibrant new ‘town heart’ and focal point for Denham. Throughout the foreshore area, shade shelters and an interpretive trail add additional layers  of amenity and interpretation.

The custom shade shelters were designed in collaboration with the Yalgadah Aboriginal Corporation to acknowledge the area’s Traditional Owners. Included in the shelters are the images of two respected Malgana Elders who lived in the Shark Bay area.

Throughout, materials are locally sourced and robust. Tamala Limestone and recycled, 100 year old jetty timber embodying the local character and unique qualities of the Denham township as well as the broader Shark Bay area.

  • A foreshore space that responds to the unique context of Denham and broader Shark Bay;
  • Interpretive elements that tell the story of the landscape; and
  • The creation of a re-imagined community space and ‘town heart’ for the community of Denham.