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Ethno-Biological Report James Price Point

The James Price Point Ethno-biological Report was prepared for the purposes of the Strategic Assessments being conducted by the Commonwealth Government into the proposed development of a common user Liquefi ed Natural Gas hub precinct at James Price Point, envisaged to process gas from the Browse Basin.

Ethnobiology refers to the relationship between a place and the Traditional Owners (TO’s) of that area, in particular, practices concerning biological elements such as marine and land based fl ora / fauna. James Price Point is the country of the Goolarabooloo and Jabirr Jabirr people and in collaboration with TO’s from both groups and the KLC, UDLA produced a report which addressed and assesses the potential operational impacts of the LNG Precinct on the existing ethnobiological condition and its ecological components e.g. water, soils, geology and topography.

    • Assesses the potential operational impacts of the LNG Precinct on James Price Point
    • Recommendations for the mitigation conditions to aid in best maintaining ethnobiological values or reducing negative impacts
    • Records and documents ethnobiological practices for the associated TO’s
    • 2012 National Landscape Architecture Awards
    • 2012 WA National Landscape Architecture Awards