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Highgate Primary School

Client: Highate Primary School
Location: Highgate, WA
Dates: 2016
Collaborators: Highgate Primary School students, staff and community

As a part of the AILA and 202020 Vision My Park Rules competition, UDLA worked in collaboration with the Highgate Primary School students, staff and community towards a master plan and detailed concept design for Perth’s only inner city public school.

Over a number of weeks, the UDLA team met with the Highgate community to find out what makes this school community unique, and to find out what the school needs to get the most out of their place.

A masterplan was developed based on layering the key ideas that were distilled from community feedback.  Ideas including a main path, quiet spaces, edges, connections, and areas for running, resulted in master plan spaces including The City Path, Theatre Garden, Reading Orchard, Smelly Garden, Tree House,  Running Greens and The ‘Fuzzy Edges’.  These spaces all focused on Highgate’s existing strengths while responding to areas for improvement.

A piece of Highgate’s ‘Fuzzy Edge’ was selected for detailed concept design.  Highgate’s ‘Fuzzy Edges’ are the spaces on the edge of the school that are loose, soft ,shady, adventurous and fun.  They are the places where the school connects with the broader community.   This detail will form the first piece of the puzzle, to provide the catalyst for change at Highgate – Stage 1 of the masterplan to be implemented.