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Murdoch University Place Activation

Client: Murdoch University
Location: Murdoch South Street Campus
Dates: 2015

UDLA were engaged by Murdoch University to assist with the activation of a series of spaces on campus for the 2015 Orientation Week and Open Day. Working with representatives from the University, UDLA identified a number of public areas on campus that could benefit from temporary and semi-permanent installations to both lift the visual aesthetic and create welcoming spaces for students, staff and visitors. This included identifying the requirements and uniqueness of the multiple user groups likely to inhabit the place and envisioning a spatial outcome that works for all of them.

Installations included:

  • “The Ribbons” – a skyfall of colourful ribbons in the ECL Lecture Theatre Courtyard;
  • “The Snakes” – a snake of native planting cascading down two staircases which was designed to be planted on campus following the event;
  • “Crate World #1” – a semi-permanent pop-up seating area constructed from milk crates with integrated planting and a new café façade;
  • “Crate World #2” – an additional pop-up seating area constructed from milk crates with integrated planting; and,
  • “The French Riviera” – a gathering area with market umbrellas and informal seating adjacent to the Murdoch 100 year interpretive wall installation.

In addition UDLA assisted the Murdoch University team with the procurement of legacy items including outdoor furniture of a consistent design and colour palette appropriate to future use for the University.