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Murujuga Cultural Management Plan

UDLA were engaged by Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC) to assist in the creation of a long term management plan for Murujuga Country. The Murujuga Cultural Management Plan (MCMP) is a major document that explains and sets out the key Aboriginal law and custom, knowledge about places, plants, and animals, and the rules that should govern the use, access, preservation, and development of the Murujuga National Park.

The project team, alongside the Murujuga Circle of Elders and the Murujuga Rangers, has worked to gather knowledge about Murujuga through an extensive consultation process. Over an 18 month to 2 year process, this knowledge about country will be continually gathered, collated and mapped. It will be published as a substantial book, in both physical and electronic form, designed to be used and read by a wide range of people.

    • Use of the consultation approach to gather culturally known understandings
    • Communication of local and cultural knowledge in a form that can be understood in a cross-cultural and inter-generational way
    • Recording and value mapping of culture, country, community and wellbeing in a unique and contemporary manner
    • Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC)
    • Murujuga Circle of Elders
    • Murujuga Rangers
    • Steve Vigilante Landscape Architects
    • Applied Archeology Australia
    • Weeriana St Media