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Murujuga Living Knowledge Centre

UDLA were engaged to prepare a robust feasibility study for a Murujuga Living Knowledge Centre (MLKC). The vision of the MLKC Feasibility Study is to provide a facility that reflects the living spirit of Murujuga, one that is culturally proud, sensitive in footprint, however bold and robust in purpose, and a place where local Aboriginal people can experience a contemporary stewardship of ‘Country’, Murujuga living culture.

    • Site selection feasibility: based and assessed on opportunities and constraints analysis
    • Identification and feasibility of the facility program: including a Visitor Centre, Murujuga Ranger HQ and associated subprogram streams
    • Schematic plan: A site, built form and landscape schematic plan
    • Management framework and operational scenarios: Investigation of the management framework, key personnel positions and probable operational scenarios
    • MLKC feasibility costing: Sustainable costing/returns over time
    • Recommendations: on MLKC programs, location, form, governance, management, market feasibility and capital & running costs
    • Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC)
    • Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW)
    • Various stakeholders