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Januburu Six Seasons

UDLA was engaged by LandCorp as part of a multidisciplinary project team for urban design and landscape implementation of a large residential parcel within Broome. The landscape aims and objectives are to ground the design philosophy and outcomes in cultural, social and environmental principles. Within these projects UDLA’s responsibilities include ongoing design facilitation with the community, the local authorities and traditional owners. Januburu Six Seasons won a number of design awards for its ability to create a unique subdivision that is inclusive of local culture, local art and seeks to heighten community value and worth with regard to ‘sense of place’ and connection to country.

  • A residential parcel grounded in cultural, social and environmental principles
  • A unique subdivision that is inclusive of local culture and local art
  • Heightened community value and worth with regard to ‘sense of place’ and connection to country
  • 2009 PIA Awards for Planning and Community based Planning
  • 2009 UDIA WA Awards for Excellence – Sustainable Urban Development
  • 2009 CCAA WA Public Domain Awards
  • 2009 Special Recognition Sustainable Design
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Murujuga Living Knowledge Centre

UDLA were engaged to prepare a robust feasibility study for a Murujuga Living Knowledge Centre (MLKC). The vision of the MLKC Feasibility Study is to provide a facility that reflects the living spirit of Murujuga, one that is culturally proud, sensitive in footprint, however bold and robust in purpose, and a place where local Aboriginal people can experience a contemporary stewardship of ‘Country’, Murujuga living culture.

    • Site selection feasibility: based and assessed on opportunities and constraints analysis
    • Identification and feasibility of the facility program: including a Visitor Centre, Murujuga Ranger HQ and associated subprogram streams
    • Schematic plan: A site, built form and landscape schematic plan
    • Management framework and operational scenarios: Investigation of the management framework, key personnel positions and probable operational scenarios
    • MLKC feasibility costing: Sustainable costing/returns over time
    • Recommendations: on MLKC programs, location, form, governance, management, market feasibility and capital & running costs
    • Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC)
    • Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW)
    • Various stakeholders
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Murujuga Cultural Management Plan

UDLA were engaged by Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC) to assist in the creation of a long term management plan for Murujuga Country. The Murujuga Cultural Management Plan (MCMP) is a major document that explains and sets out the key Aboriginal law and custom, knowledge about places, plants, and animals, and the rules that should govern the use, access, preservation, and development of the Murujuga National Park.

The project team, alongside the Murujuga Circle of Elders and the Murujuga Rangers, has worked to gather knowledge about Murujuga through an extensive consultation process. Over an 18 month to 2 year process, this knowledge about country will be continually gathered, collated and mapped. It will be published as a substantial book, in both physical and electronic form, designed to be used and read by a wide range of people.

    • Use of the consultation approach to gather culturally known understandings
    • Communication of local and cultural knowledge in a form that can be understood in a cross-cultural and inter-generational way
    • Recording and value mapping of culture, country, community and wellbeing in a unique and contemporary manner
    • Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC)
    • Murujuga Circle of Elders
    • Murujuga Rangers
    • Steve Vigilante Landscape Architects
    • Applied Archeology Australia
    • Weeriana St Media
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Osprey Workers Village

The Osprey Workers Village in South Hedland is a Department of Housing project constructed to provide permanent accommodation for service workers of the Pilbara, aiming to raise the benchmark for livable communities in the North West. The landscape masterplan by UDLA aims to create a sustainable, well defi ned, cohesive settlement with a strong ‘sense of place’. One of the key objectives of this development is the strong focus on balancing drainage requirements with public open space amenity.

    • Multiple-use public open space that incorporates active and passive recreation areas with drainage requirements
    • High quality POS which works with its context to improve ‘sense of place’
    • Longevity, made to withstand extreme environmental and social conditions
    • A residential development which works toward a sustainable and cohesive lifestyle for Pilbara workers
    • 2014 UDIA Awards for Excellence, Urban Water Excellence
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Yawuru Cultural Management Plan

UDLA was commissioned by the Yawuru people of the Broome area to assist in the creation of a long-term management plan of Yawuru country. The Yawuru Cultural Management Plan (YCMP) has been produced under the guidance and leadership of multiple collaborators to produce a document to guide the joint management of the Yawuru Conservation Estates and achieve best practice outcomes.

The Plan explains how the Yawuru Registered Native Title Holders Body Corporate (RNTHBC) will be involved in managing country through their Ranger Program, working in partnership with the Department of Environment and Conservation, Shire of Broome, government agencies and researchers to make sure that country is cared for in the best possible way. It will respectfully drive conservation plans, land management decisions and design activities to ensure the management of country brings the greatest possible benefits to Yawuru people.

    • The consultation approach works towards a process of facilitating, engaging and empowering culturally known understandings into a form that could be understood in a cross-cultural and inter-generational way
    • The YCMP records and value maps something about culture, country, community and liyan (wellbeing) in a unique and contemporary manner
    • 2014 International Federation of Landscape Architecture, Asia-Pacific Region (IFLA APR) President’s Award
    • 2012 AILA Australian Medal for Landscape Architecture
    • 2012 AILA WA Medal for Landscape Architecture
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Ethno-Biological Report James Price Point

The James Price Point Ethno-biological Report was prepared for the purposes of the Strategic Assessments being conducted by the Commonwealth Government into the proposed development of a common user Liquefi ed Natural Gas hub precinct at James Price Point, envisaged to process gas from the Browse Basin.

Ethnobiology refers to the relationship between a place and the Traditional Owners (TO’s) of that area, in particular, practices concerning biological elements such as marine and land based fl ora / fauna. James Price Point is the country of the Goolarabooloo and Jabirr Jabirr people and in collaboration with TO’s from both groups and the KLC, UDLA produced a report which addressed and assesses the potential operational impacts of the LNG Precinct on the existing ethnobiological condition and its ecological components e.g. water, soils, geology and topography.

    • Assesses the potential operational impacts of the LNG Precinct on James Price Point
    • Recommendations for the mitigation conditions to aid in best maintaining ethnobiological values or reducing negative impacts
    • Records and documents ethnobiological practices for the associated TO’s
    • 2012 National Landscape Architecture Awards
    • 2012 WA National Landscape Architecture Awards
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Newman Park

UDLA were sponsored by BHP billiton to work on the Newman Park project to celebrate the achievements of Newman with an inviting and vibrant public space.

The creation of a defined recreational space small enough to feel enclosed yet connected and open to the street offers a chance to gather at a safe local hub. Local artists were commissioned to bring substance and inspiration to the project. The park offers a chance to recognise and engage with indigenous culture and works to reignite a sense of town pride.

    • A practical local amenity to a socially and environmentally challenging region
    • Increased sense of pride in the local community
    • Celebration of aboriginal culture in public art
    • Artsource
    • BHP Billiton