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Rockingham Beach Foreshore Master Plan

Client: City of Rockingham
Location: Rockingham, WA
Dates: 2015 – ongoing
Collaborators: City of Rockingham + Tangelo Creative + DVC Consultants + MP Rogers & Associates + community and stakeholders of Rockingham, incl. Aboriginal community representatives

At the beginning of 2015, UDLA were engaged by the City of Rockingham to provide a master plan for the iconic Rockingham Beach Foreshore. This project provided an opening to explore significant revitalisation and tourism opportunities along the waterfront. The master plan design process included two design workshops with a community reference group, a meeting with the City of Rockingham Reconciliation Action Plan Reference Group, a presentation to Councillors and an open public information session.

Through an engaged design process, the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Master Plan sought to capture and promote Rockingham’s uniqueness, its history and character through design and to celebrate this iconic space as one of Western Australia’s favourite holiday destinations.

  • A response which enhances the existing assets of the Rockingham Beach Foreshore by improving and building upon the landscape amenity of the space;
  • A poetic and respectful response which recognises the natural environs as well as the European and Nyungar heritage of the Rockingham Beach Foreshore; and
  • A contented community due to a successful engagement process.
    • 2016 Australian Coastal Awards (Australian Coastal Councils Association) –  Australian Coastal Award for Annual Achievement
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Murdoch University Activation

Client: Murdoch University
Location: Murdoch South Street Campus
Dates: 2015

UDLA were engaged by Murdoch University to assist with the activation of a series of spaces on campus for the 2015 Orientation Week and Open Day. Working with representatives from the University, UDLA identified a number of public areas on campus that could benefit from temporary and semi-permanent installations to both lift the visual aesthetic and create welcoming spaces for students, staff and visitors. This included identifying the requirements and uniqueness of the multiple use groups likely to inhabit the place and envisioning a spatial outcome that works for all of them.

Installations included:

  • “The Ribbons” – a skyfall of colourful ribbons in the ECL Lecture Theatre Courtyard;
  • “The Snakes” – a snake of native planting cascading down two staircases which was designed to be planted on campus following the event;
  • “Crate World #1” – a semi-permanent pop-up seating area constructed from milk crates with integrated planting and a new café façade;
  • “Crate World #2” – an additional pop-up seating area constructed from milk crates with integrated planting; and,
  • “The French Riviera” – a gathering area with market umbrellas and informal seating adjacent to the Murdoch 100 year interpretive wall installation.

In addition UDLA assisted the Murdoch University team with the procurement of legacy items including outdoor furniture of a consistent design and colour palette appropriate to future use for the University.


  • A quick win strategy for the University to activate disused/neglected areas on campus for the Orientation Week and Open Day;
  • A series of both temporary and semi-permanent installations which helped to lift the aesthetic of the campus and portray the vision of the University to prospective students; and,
  • A legacy of items for future use by the University including furniture items, milk crates and native plants.
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Coollbellup School Site

The Coolbellup School Sites are residential infill opportunities on the sites of three former schools in the southern Perth suburb of Coolbellup. The Primary at Coolbellup is the most advanced of the three communities. In 2008, UDLA played an integral part alongside LandCorp in winning the bid for the original land holding for the Primary at Coolbellup. UDLA continue to be engaged by the LandCorp/Lend Lease team to design and administer the public realm areas of these sites.

The project includes innovative community consultation, urban design, landscape theming, tree retention and a poetic public art program centered on the memory of the former school. The amenity and infrastructure aims to integrate and encourage urban revitalisation & connectivity, as well as tie seamlessly with the clients’ marketing.

    • Successful implementation of public amenity to a previous school site
    • A poetic and respectful response to a change of site use though recognition of site history and context
    • A variety of park types within the surrounding suburb, plus playful and restful space use types within the one project
    • 4.6 ha with 1 ha public open space
    • 58 residential lots
    • 2 group housing sites
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Client: City of South Perth

Location: South Perth, WA

Dates: 2012 – 2013

Collaborators: City of South Perth + CoDesign Studio + community and stakeholders of Karawara, incl. Aboriginal community representatives


UDLA in collaboration with CoDesign Studio (Melbourne) undertook community engagement,to prepare the Karawara Public Open Space (POS) Masterplan and Collaborative Action Plan. This process allowed a thorough understanding of the unique challenges, opportunities and values associated with the POS areas. The resulting Karawara Collaborative Action Plan demonstrates an inclusive masterplanning model that is owned by the wider community.

    • Empowerment of participants, including stakeholders, residents, NGO’s and local interest and cultural groups
    • Varied complex site specific matters/concerns addressed
    • Unique outcomes provided, addressing Karawara’s unique sense of place
    • Developed model of contemporary ownership and governance
    • Empowered local community through engaged design
    • 2013 Planning Institute of WA (PIA WA) Awards – Public Engagement and Community Planning Award
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St John of God Hospital Murdoch

UDLA were engaged by Silver Thomas Hanley to be a part of upgrades and vital new development works to St John of God Hospital, Murdoch. The scope of works included the following areas: Wexford Plaza, New South Wing, Wexford Carpark, Eastern Carpark and North Courtyard.

Wexford Plaza fronts the new St John of God Medical Centre, Murdoch.
Key spatial areas of the raised plaza include:
  • ‘The Walk’ – A trafficable, safe and well lit long vista as pedestrian link between the existing Medical Centre, Proposed Wexford Medical Centre and Fiona Stanley Precinct
  • ‘The Green Cloud’ – Extensive raised planters with lush planting and circular cut out seating areas
  • ‘The Quiet Room’ – Shady olive tree grove, which is soft underfoot and provides quiet seating opportunities

UDLA completed the conceptual and detailed design of landscape features including; raised concrete planter / seating walls with recess at base giving floating aesthetic accentuated by recessed LED strip lighting, exposed aggregate concrete and pattern, furniture and planting palette.

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‘The Playground’ at Coolbellup

‘The Playground’ at Coolbelup is the primary public open space for the housing development on the forrmer North Lake Primary School site. In 2008, UDLA were integral in aiding LandCorp in winning the bid for the Coolbellup School Sites – residential infill opportunities on the sites of three former schools in the southern Perth suburb of Coolbellup. Since then, UDLA have continually been engaged by the LandCorp/Lend Lease team to design the public realm areas.

This project includes innovative community consultation, urban design, landscape theming, tree retention & practical public art centered on fitness, play and imagination. The amenity and infrastructure aims to create an urban sanctuary discovered amongst a natural setting, trails and retained trees.

    • Future implementation of public amenity to a previous school site
    • Recognition of site history and context, with poetic and respectful design response to a change of site use
    • A variety of park types within the surrounding suburb
    • Integrated drainage, recreation and art functions
    • 4.2 ha with 1 ha public open space
    • 54 residential lots
    • 4 group housing sites
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John XXIII College Kindergarten Nature Playscape

There is clear and consistent evidence regarding the benefits for children and the wider community when engaging with nature. John XXIII College recognise this shift to enhance playground provision by including planted landscapes and natural play elements into playground designs, giving children opportunities to play in natural semi-wild spaces.

UDLA was engaged by John XXIII College to design a nature-playscape for their kindergarten that addresses the need for greater connection to nature and that could be built by their grounds staff. UDLA responded to the brief by creating a landscape with natural materials and topography. Providing opportunities for children to climb, hide, build cubbies, undertake creative free play and waterplay.

    • A playscape that offers children a chance to engage with nature
    • Creates a stimulating learning environment
    • A simple and easily maintainable design that was easily installed by grounds staff
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Waikiki School Sites Development

UDLA were engaged by LandCorp to undertake design, documentation and administration of the landscape works associated with Waikiki High School Site subdivision. The landscape masterplan integrates the development with the already established surrounding residential community, developing functional and aesthetic spaces which foster a healthy lifestyle, encouraging passive and active recreational activities.

The centrally located park has been designed to be a safe and welcoming amenity for the family and the individual, providing recreational opportunities, imaginative play, rest areas, a kick about turf area, passive surveillance and shade amenity. The activity hub, within the park consists of a custom design shelter, furniture and high quality ‘standard’ and universally accessible’ play equipment, linked to the development by a continuous pathway system. The landscape treatment refl ects the coastal location of Waikiki through the use of select materials and planting.

    • Successful implementation of public amenity to a previous school site
    • Integrated drainage and landscape works
    • Mature grass trees salvaged, protecting the natural heritage of the site.